Monday, July 12, 2010

Sew Proud

As many of you know my mother and my sister, Jayme, are quite accomplished seamtresses....I am not. Well, thanks to Jayme's 4 week sewing class I have buffed up my skills! Below are the matching outfits I made for Pace and Lydia...all by my self!


This is the cradle that David's dad made for Lydia! We love it...she sleeps so great in it! Thank you Grandpa. And thanks Nana for the bedding!

Thank you Nana for my new outfit and thank you Lulu for my new kicks!

pretty girl

getting so big

My babies are getting so big!

Missing David

Not super easy trying to get 7 cousins under the age of 7 to cooperate for a picture!


Lydia enjoyed several naps beachside and poolside in her sun tent.